Sleep Consultancy

Parent Telephone Sleep Support Programme

Our unique sleep support telephone consultancy is the only one in Edinburgh to include 2 free calls from a resident specialist. The first call to determine the problem and one follow up call to enquire how you are progressing after her consultation.

Our Sleep Consultants are available for telephone support consultations at short notice to support and assist parents, giving them confidence to guide their baby into a regular sleep pattern.

Step 1: Contact us to make enquiry
Step 2: We immediately pass your details on our specialists and she gives you a free initial enquiry to determine the next step.
Step 3: The agency will take payment for the option you choose
Step 4: Consultation begins at a convenient time for you
Step 5: free follow up call from our specialist


Option 1: – £75.00 – One PRIVATE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION – consultation lasting up to 40 minutes at a suitably convenient time plus your 2 free calls
Option 2: – £135.00 – Three PRIVATE TELEPHONE CONSULTATIONS – individual consultations lasting up to 30 minutes usually on consecutive nights plus your 2 free calls

Home and Overnight visits can be made by arrangements to assist baby into routine. fees apply.

Our Resident Sleep Consultants are Linda Maguire  & Karen Brown – Call  0131 657 5407 for more details on our Sleep Consultants

Linda & Karen are both qualified Nannies and Maternity Nurses


Linda is a specialist in newborn and postpartum and has been qualified in child-care since 1985. She is experienced in all aspects of infant care and sleep problems. Linda has found that in her experience most common baby sleep problems can actually be solved quickly and easily in as little as just a few nights, depending on age and habits.

Linda enjoys helping new mothers and their families overcome the unique challenges and problems that a new arrival to the family often brings. Linda’s goals are to have you, as mother, relaxed, confident and feeling in control. Consequently your baby will become relaxed, happy and contented. Thus all will enjoy a consistently good night’s sleep with good sleep habits!


Karen Brown is a qualified Norland Nanny with over 20yrs of experience of solving baby’s sleep issues along with other child related problems for many years.  She knows that for a baby or child they must make the most of their environment and to develop well so they need good sleep habits. She is focused on resolving any issue in a caring and sensitive manner. Karen will make an assessment and understanding of the problem before making recommendations in a non-judgmental approach.

We all want to enjoy family life, when your baby , child or children do not  sleep  this is compromised. These difficulties can be solved when someone is supporting you with the right knowledge and experience.